Where should you start?

Every buyer is different, and Fothergill Wyatt recognise this; you won’t necessarily find everything you’re looking for on an internet search engine. You will want to talk to an agent who is motivated to find the right option for you and we have the tools dedicated to providing you with the latest releases at the earliest possible stage.

Whether you are an experienced investor, upsizing, downsizing or a first time buyer our team is available for advice and discussion to ensure your purchase is right for you.

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When are you ready to buy?

If you have sold (or agreed to sell) your property, done your research, conducted a number of viewings allowing you to compare suitable properties on the market, and narrowed your search to one that is right for you, the next step, if you haven’t already considered it, is to have your purchase funding soundly secured.

Speak to a mortgage broker or financial advisor to arrange a mortgage. If you need guidance on your deposit or mortgage options, ask us for a referral to a suitably qualified advisor.

Let us know as soon as possible that you wish to make an offer and we will inform the vendor of the details.

We will wish to know whether you must sell your own property first, or if you have your finances in place, and the timescale under which you wish to move. These may all affect the vendor’s decision on whether to accept the offer but we will keep you informed every step of the way.

Conveyancing and Survey

If your offer is accepted then we consider the property ‘Under Offer’ and it is time to instruct your solicitor to begin the conveyancing process.  This period will vary but we will be working to ensure the process is as smooth as possible.

Once your offer is accepted you may also wish to arrange a Survey.  Talk to our team about arranging a survey for you. This can offer you peace of mind on the condition of the property you are buying, and we can arrange an appropriate survey for you by a qualified Chartered Surveyor should you wish.

After your survey and conveyancing process, exchange of contracts formally agrees the terms of sale and is legally binding on vendor and purchaser.  You can now look forward to your completion date when you get the keys and move in.

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