Don’t let the long cold nights get you down, there are many practical things to do around the home which will not only help keep your household bills down (great news for tenants and owner occupiers) but will mean your property is “market ready” for spring (if you’re looking to sell).
  • Service your boiler (or ask your landlord to service it if you’re renting). This will ensure it is working efficiently and minimises the risk of being without heating and hot water in the middle of a cold snap.
  • Clear out gutters and drainpipes, removing leaves and other debris to prevent water damage from leaking pipes (claims for which may not be covered by your insurance if you haven’t carried out routine maintenance).
  • Bleed your radiators to ensure any trapped air is released, helping to keep your home warmer and your heating working more efficiently.
  • Clear any paths and driveways of leaves and debris that could become slippery and pose a hazard to occupiers or visitors.
  • Make security a priority as the dark nights can provide extra cover for burglars. Keep all doors and windows locked, consider installing a security light and ensure you have adequate home insurance in place, both buildings (which will be covered by your landlord if you’re renting) and contents.

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